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Canadian SH News and Research from April 2011

Announcements/News Clips Canadian Resources/Research/Reports

News Story (Apr 27-11) Alberta Education introduces new act to tackle bullying http://ow.ly/1sSxMR

News Story (Apr 27-11) Students thrive with 10 a.m. start at Toronto high school http://ow.ly/1sSxIk

News Story (Apr 28-11) Alberta schools handed new powers. Education changes aim to boost grad rates, curtail bullies http://ow.ly/1sNJBW

Article. Twenty Years of Canadian Comprehensive School Health Research : A Review (PHE Academic Journal-3-11) http://ow.ly/1sNF13

News Story (Apr 29-11) CAMH Catch Program: Teaching more than ABCs http://ow.ly/1sNgz1

Web Site Imagineaction is a teacher platform encouraging student-driven social action movement http://ow.ly/1sNfE5

Blog Post (Apr 26-11) Immunization a tool too valuable to ignore, CMA and other groups advise http://ow.ly/1sNfvz

News Story (Apr26-11) First Nations Children: The back of the bus http://ow.ly/1sNfoX

News Story (Apr 26-11) Get kids off the couch after school: report http://ow.ly/1sNeEd

News Story (Apr 26-11) Junk food tax, ingredient ban needed to curb Canadian obesity: CMAJ editorial http://ow.ly/1sNeuC

News Story (Apr 26-11) Canadian children get an F for physical activity http://ow.ly/1sNerC

News Story (Apr 25-11) Canada tied for last in UNICEF child care ranking http://ow.ly/1sNeiL

News Release (April 22-11) Reorganization of the Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH) in the USA http://ow.ly/1sHJZL

Report. Integrating Social Determinantsof Health and Health Equity into Canadian Public Health Practice: Scan 2010 http://ow.ly/1sH07M

News release (Apr 26-11) Canadian children and youth missing out on prime physicalactivity time after school http://ow.ly/1sGZLm

Report Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card (2011) http://ow.ly/1sGZI0

News Story (Apr 21-11) Edmonton Catholic Schools’ AISI (School Health) Project http://ow.ly/1sFQKV

Web Site Safe Schools for LGBT Students (Canada) http://ow.ly/1sFPTS

Web Site CSH Research Program at University of Ottawa http://ow.ly/1sFP2h

News Release (Apr 21-11) About 180 countries and territories celebrate Immunization Week http://ow.ly/1sFONS

News Release (Apr 25-11) UNICEF on World Malaria Day: Preventable and curable, but still killing 800,000 every year http://ow.ly/1sFOIY

News Story (Apr 19-11) Researcher calls for near ban on bodychecking in kids' hockey http://ow.ly/1sFMVz

News Story (Apr 19-11) Safe-injection site slashes fatal overdoses in Vancouver: Report http://ow.ly/1sFM99

News Story (Apr 20-11) Brampton student in serious condition after stabbing http://ow.ly/1sBkyQ

News Story (Apr 19-11) Native education focus of Ottawa summit http://ow.ly/1sAxwo

News Story (Apr 19-11) Bullying often starts online http://ow.ly/1sAwAH

News Story (Apr 19-11) Calgary schools to slash nearly 500 http://ow.ly/1sAwjt

News Story (Apr 19-11) London pupils leaders in six-week program to beat anti-bullying http://ow.ly/1sAvYo

News Story (Apr 19-11) Armed man arrested at Quebec school http://ow.ly/1sAxq4

News Story (Apr 19-11) No more excuses, native child welfare summit hears http://ow.ly/1sAxji

News Story (Apr 18-11) Canada needs national food policy including local production & School Lunch Program http://ow.ly/1sAxE3

News Story (Apr 18-11) Parents focus on student safety http://ow.ly/1sAxzH

News Story (Apr 18-11) Roughriders encourage youth not to smoke http://ow.ly/1sAxsB

News Story (Apr 18-11) Southwest Ontario Region's teens booze it up http://ow.ly/1sAxnP

News Story (Apr 18-11) Facebook fight behind stabbing outside London school http://ow.ly/1sAwYz

News Story (Apr 18-11) Boys arrested in Manitoba school break-ins http://ow.ly/1sAwR8

News Story (Apr 17-11) What leads gay, straight teens to attempt suicide? Similar social influences: study http://ow.ly/1sAw0o

News Story (Apr 16-11) Aboriginal education department reaching out to schools in Prince George, BC http://ow.ly/1sAxhu

News Story (Apr 9-11) New Heart & Stroke (SK) cash targets youth health http://ow.ly/1sUkPc

News Story (Apr 16-11) First Nations' fight for proper schools should be campaign issue http://ow.ly/1sAw6k

News Story (Apr 14-11) Band slams Ottawa for seeking new deal on native-run schools http://ow.ly/1sAx41

News Story (Apr 13-11) Opening of Afghan school a small, but important victory http://ow.ly/1sAwFZ

News Story (Apr 13-11) Toronto School trustees put off decision on academies http://ow.ly/1sAx2v

News Story (Apr 8-11) Ontario Province takes aim at school fundraising http://ow.ly/1sAwaY

News Story (Apr 7-11) Nanaimo BC High schools want breathalyzers http://ow.ly/1sAwpr

News Story (Apr 3-11) Petition seeks gay-straight clubs in Ottawa Catholic schools http://ow.ly/1sAw8i

Editorial Toronto Star (Apr 3-11) Africentric program: Our schools need to serve everyone http://ow.ly/1sAxaS

News Story (Apr 2-11) Child soldier reaches out to students http://ow.ly/1sAwIu

Articles from Issue #1, 2011 Journal of Aboriginal Health
  • Editorial – Social Networks and Health
  • “It’s Not Something You Have to Be Scared About”: Attitudes towards Pregnancy and Fertility Among Canadian Aboriginal Young People
  • Risk and Protective Factors for Suicide Attempt Among Indigenous Māori Youth in New Zealand
  • Strengthening Aboriginal Health through a Place-Based learning Community
  • Book Review: The Crisis of Chronic Disease among Aboriginal Peoples: A Challenge for Public Health, Population Health and Social Policy
Carlos Quiñonez, Paul Grootendorst(2011) Equity in dental care among Canadian households International Journal for Equity in Health 2011, 10:14 (16 April 2011)

White P, Petry R (2011) Building Regional Capacity for Sustainable Development through an ESD Project Inventory in RCE Saskatchewan, Canada Journal of Education for Sustainable Development March 2011 5: 89-100,

Articles in the April 2011 Issue of Paediatrics & Child Health
  • The Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program: Celebrating 15 years of successful paediatric surveillance
Articles in the Apr 19 Issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal
  • Tuberculosis in Nunavut: a century of failure
  • Unproven Olympic health legacies
Articles in the Apr 5, 2011 Issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal
  • Will Open Government make Canada’s health agencies more transparent?
  • A glimpse into the black box of cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Dr. YouTube will see you now
Louise Potvin, Carl-Étienne Juneau, Catherine M. Jones, and David V. McQueen (2011) How is evidence used for planning, implementation and evaluation of health promotion? A global collection of case studies Global Health Promotion March 2011 18: 07-8

Nasim Haque and Brian Eng (2011) Tackling inequity through a Photovoice project on the social determinants of health: Translating Photovoice evidence to community action Global Health Promotion March 2011 18: 16-19

Douglas L. Gleddie and Erin P. Hobin (2011) The Battle River Project: school division implementation of the health-promoting schools approach: Assessment for learning: using student health and school capacity measures to inform action and direct policy in a local school district Global Health Promotion March 2011 18: 39-42

Carl-Etienne Juneau, Catherine M. Jones, David V. McQueen, and Louise Potvin (2011) Evidence-based health promotion: an emerging field Global Health Promotion March 2011 18: 79-89

Articles in Issue #1, 2011 of the Physical Education & Health Academic Journal
  • Twenty Years of Comprehensive School Health: A Review and Analysis of Canadian Research Published in Refereed Journals (1989-2009)
  • Experienced Physical Education Teachers Adapting to a New Curriculum: Perceived Facilitators and Inhibitors
  • Le profil d’entraîneurs en sport scolaire et leur philosophie d’entraînement
  • Adolescents’ Mental Health is Related to Physical Activity Operationalized in Different Ways
  • Should a Required Level for Coach Competency be Mandated for All School Coaches?
  • Students’ Self Assessment, Perceived PE Teachers’ Assessment and Related Students’ Interpretation of Teachers’ Behaviours
  • Seizing the Moment: Can Game Sense Further Inform Sport Teaching in Australian Physical Education?
  • Possibilities for Physical Education Teacher Education: Service Learning and TGfU
  • Elementary Generalists’ Perceptions of Integrating Physical Literacy Into Their Classrooms and Collaborating with Physical Education Specialists
  • L’inclusion de l’éducation à la santé dans les programmes canadiens d’éducation physique
Articles in Issue #1, 2011 of the Canadian Journal of Diabetes
  • Diabetes Self-Management Education: More is Better
  • Dietary Self-Care in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes: Report from the Juvenile Diabetes and Dietary Study
Teresa L. Hart, Cora Lynn Craig, Joseph M. Griffiths, Christine Cameron, Ross E. Andersen, Adrian Bauman, Catrine Tudor-Locke (2011) Markers of Sedentarism: The Joint Canada/U.S. Survey of Health Journal of Physical Activity & Health, Vol 8, Issue 3, 361 – 371

Clark AM, Duncan AS, Trevoy JE, Heath S, Chan M.(2011) Healthy diet in Canadians of low socioeconomic status with coronary heart disease: Not just a matter of knowledge and choice. Heart Lung. Mar-Apr;40(2):156-63.

Jürgen Rehm, Norman Giesbrecht, Louis Gliksman, Kathryn Graham, Anh D. Le, Robert E. Mann, Robin Room, Brian Rush, Rachel F. Tyndale, Samantha Wells (2011) Addiction Research Centres and the Nurturing of Creativity. Substance abuse research in a modern health care centre: the case of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health,
Addictions, Volume 106, Issue 4, pages 689–697, April 2011

Articles in Issue #2, 2011 Canadian Journal of Public Health
  • Factors Associated With Different Cigarette Access Behaviours Among Underage Smoking Youth Who Usually Smoke Contraband (Native) Cigarettes
  • Perceived Health Status of Francophones and Anglophones in an Officially Bilingual Canadian Province
  • Bicycle Helmet Use After the Introduction of All Ages Helmet Legislation in an Urban Community in Alberta, Canada
  • Sleep Difficulties and Obesity Among Preadolescents
  • Lead in School Drinking Water: Canada Can and Should Address This Important Ongoing Exposure Source
  • Grand Challenges Canada: Inappropriate Emphasis and Missed Opportunities in Global Health Research?
Articles in Issue #3, 2011, Perspectives (Focus on International Development)
  • Celebrating 50 years of international development work by Canadian teachers
  • It is an ill wind that does not blow some good
  • CTF on the world map
  • When teachers help teachers the world’s a better place
  • Initiatives visant à promouvoir l’égalité des sexes et l’autonomisation des femmes
  • Un modèle de coopération salué par les enseignantes et enseignants guinéens
  • La formation postprimaire porte fruit
  • How a book creation project engaged teachers as writers and publishers
  • Place aux enseignantes dans les syndicats de l’éducation au Togo
  • Beyond my Project Overseas experience
  • La France et le Canada ensemble pour le renforcement des capacités des organisations enseignantes
  • Helping the girl child stay and prosper at school
  • Recueil d’un finissant du Centre de formation professionnelle postprimaire
  • John Thompson Fellowship Program as a powerful vehicle for positive societal change
  • Networks helping to strengthen women’s voices against
    gender inequities
  • Raising girls’ awareness about gender equality issues as a means to change in perception and behavior
  • A model of cooperation involving Canadian and Caribbean teachers
  • Above all, I am a teacher. I am a John Thompson fellow.

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