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Canadian SH News and Research from June 2011

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Canadian News, Announcements, ReportsCanadian Research & Resources

News Story (Jun 30-11) Toronto Gala event raised over $400,000 to benefit Egale’s Safe School Campaign, http://ow.ly/1uyjdz

News Story (Jun 30-11) Brampton Schools garner Safe Schools award http://ow.ly/1uyj6Y

News Release (Jun 28-11) Ontario Premier's Safe Schools Awards http://ow.ly/1uyk3N

News Story (Jun 27-11) Byrne Creek to be Burnaby's first community secondary school http://ow.ly/1uyiCD

News Story (June 23-11) Wi-Fi safe in schools? Trustees seek input http://ow.ly/1uyaob

News Release (June 22-11) Ontario Government Releases Comprehensive Mental Health And Addictions Strategy http://ow.ly/1u28EW

News Story (Jun 21-11) Jamie Oliver promotes Edmonton class project http://ow.ly/1u1L1g

News Release (Jun 21-11) Guelph High School receives Premier's Safe Schools Award http://ow.ly/1u1KRu

News Release (Jun 21-11) Alberta examines best practices for children in care http://ow.ly/1u0he2

News Story (Jun 17-11) Sex education? Teens would rather ask the Internet http://ow.ly/1v0UPK

News Release (Jun 21-11) Quebec Supports Youth in Northern Quebec http://ow.ly/1u0e6U

News Release (Jun 21-11) Nova Scotia Public Health Review Update - Actions for System Renewal http://ow.ly/1u0aLA

News Release (Jun 21-11) Nova Scotia Releases Racial Equity, Cultural Proficiency Framework http://ow.ly/1u09Jl

News Release (Jun 21-11) Summer measles immunization program for New Brunswick high school students http://ow.ly/1u08I3

News Story (Jun 20-11) We need to address our national autism crisis http://ow.ly/1tWA2r

News Story (Jun 20-11) Young athletes use fewer drugs, but more alcohol http://ow.ly/1tWztF

News Story (Jun 20-11) How many teens have "Internet addiction?" http://ow.ly/1tWyZo

News Release (Jun 20-11) BC Youth Share Ideas about Healthy Weights http://ow.ly/1u0i7I

News Story (June 20-11) Lost boys: Young men postponing adulthood http://ow.ly/1tWwha

News Story (Jun 19-11) Falling short in the obesity fight http://ow.ly/1tWzXe

News Story (Jun 19-11) Kids Help Phone extends lifeline to northern native teens http://ow.ly/1tWwZ4

News Story (Jun 19-11) Teen charged in B.C. grad party stabbing death http://ow.ly/1tWwrO

News Story (Jun 19-11) From a child with cancer, a lesson in living, school's role http://ow.ly/1tWw0q

News Story (Jun 18-11) Teens, young adults may drive flu epidemics http://ow.ly/1tWy8h

News Story (Jun 18-11) Canada’s youth face obesity epidemic http://ow.ly/1tWxaZ

News Story (Jun 17-11) Poor students fare well in Canada, global study shows http://ow.ly/1tWzdy

News Story (Jun 17-11) Canada to receive new standards to protect workers' mental health http://ow.ly/1tWyoI

News Story (Jun 17-11) States cut drug penalties (and safe zones around schools) as Canada toughens them http://ow.ly/1tWwwZ

News Release (Jun 16-11) Manitoba PROVINCIAL PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICER Report on Prevention TABLED http://ow.ly/1u0g2m

News Release (Jun 16-11) Agreement Reached on Quebec Special Education Services http://ow.ly/1u0bNZ

Editorial (June 15-11) Safe schools for all students (Comment on Burnably Ban of GSA"s) http://ow.ly/1tWVRR

News Release (Jun 15-11) Nova Scotia Signs Historic Health Agreement with Mi'kmaq http://ow.ly/1u0ahU

News Release (Nunavut Consults in Early Childhood education http://ow.ly/1u0iVT

News Release (June 15-11) National Strategy on Inuit Education Launched http://ow.ly/1u07Iv

News Story (Jun 15-11) Teens look to parents as sex role models more than friends, study says http://ow.ly/1tWygy

News Story (Jun 14-11) Canadians not using enough sunscreen: Survey http://ow.ly/1tWz8N

News Release (Jun 14-11) Atlantic Status of Women ministers to develop strategy on impact of social media on young girls http://ow.ly/1u08QK

News Release (Jun 14-11) PEI Province-wide plan to deal with moisture infiltration at schools announced http://ow.ly/1u0862

News Release (Jun 14-11) NWT Children Wearing Helmets http://ow.ly/1u0iIU

News Story (Jun 14-11) Sunscreen label changes aim to reduce cancer risk http://ow.ly/1tWyCs

News Release (June 13-11) Albertans recognized for keeping children and youth healthy http://ow.ly/1tWVj7

News Release (Jun 13-11) Anti-bullying program branches out in B.C. schools http://ow.ly/1u0i7I

News Release (Jun 13-11) Aboriginal families supported by community partnerships http://ow.ly/1u0icb

News Story (June 13-11) Roots of Empathy program get $800K to fight bullying in BC schools http://ow.ly/1tWUYy

News Release (Jun 13-11) Alberta Healthy School Communities Award honours 10 recipients http://ow.ly/1u0hHJ

News Story (Jun 13-11) Parents targeted in fight against childhood obesity http://ow.ly/1tWyWB

News Story (Jun 12-11) Food allergies affect 1 in 12 kids: Study http://ow.ly/1tWw4L

News Story (Jun 12-11) Edmonton Christian program worried about impact of new school policy on sexual minorities http://ow.ly/1v0Sgi

News Story (Jun 11-11) Teens need education in online privacy http://ow.ly/1tWzkL

Report Neighbourhood Learning Centres in BC Models http://ow.ly/1tWT4Y and powerpoint/summary of models for community engaged school.pdf

News Release (Jun 10-11) Nova Scotia Students Honoured for Making a Positive Difference in Schools, Communities http://ow.ly/1u09Vq

News Release (Jun 10-11) Nova Scotia Minister's Task Force On Cyberbullying Launches Survey, Website http://ow.ly/1u09xa

News Story (June 10-11) Experts provide advice on turning Edmonton schools into multi-use facilities http://ow.ly/1tWTxw

News Story (Jun 10-11) Pro-life message risks losing young listeners http://ow.ly/1tWz3P

News Release (June 10-11) Newfoundland Education Governance Commission announced http://ow.ly/1u08bA

News Release (Jun 10-11) PEI Education Governance Commission announced http://ow.ly/1u08bA

News Story (Jun 8-11) Health linked with income, education, Canadian study says http://ow.ly/1tWyuq

News Story (Jun 8-11) Belligerent boys believed more likely to beat spousesRead more: http://ow.ly/1v0Ukf http://ow.ly/1v0Ukg

News Release (Jun 9-11) Quebec Revises Governance of Health & Social Services Agencies http://ow.ly/1u0bpz

News Story (Jun 8-11) Viruses linger during end of school year http://ow.ly/1tWzIn

News Story (Jun 8-11) Young people still believe in marriage — eventually — says study http://ow.ly/1tWySi

News Release (Jun 8-11) Government commits to year two funding for go!PEI http://ow.ly/1u08sI

News Release (Jun 7-11) Early learning and child care celebrated in New Brunswick http://ow.ly/1u08DB


News Release (Jun 6-11) Quebec Response to Measles Outbreak http://ow.ly/1u0eir

News Story (June 5-11) Aboriginal teens twice as likely to smoke: Study http://ow.ly/1tWy2p

News Release (Jun 3-11) Comprehensive diabetes strategy released in New Brunswick http://ow.ly/1u092U

News Story (Jun 1-11) Summit on School Mental Health by the Coalition for Children and Youth Mental Health http://ow.ly/1tWvUA

News Release (June 2-11) Canada's Food Guide vs new US "Food Plate" http://ow.ly/1tspvC

News Release (Jun 2-11) One out of four children in Montréal has a respiratory disease http://ow.ly/1tWQ9l

News Story (Jun 2-11) B.C. considering banning teens from tanning beds http://ow.ly/1tWyHd

News Release (Jun 1-11) Ontario Final Roll Out For Full-Day Kindergarten http://ow.ly/1u0fyq

News Story (Jun 1-11) Mental health top issue facing Ontario schools, coalition says http://ow.ly/1v0ROn

News Release (May 31-11) Tanning Bed Use Restricted in Nova Scotia http://ow.ly/1u0aox

News Release (May 24-11) Alberta Strategy launched against sexually transmitted infections http://ow.ly/1u0hy5

News Release (May 10-11) Quebec New Mental Health Action Plan Focus on Children & Youth http://ow.ly/1u0bAT

News Release (Jun 1-11) PROMOTING HEALTHY WEIGHTS in Saskatchewan http://ow.ly/1u0gTc

News Story (May 31-11) Turn off the TV to fight the fat, SFU prof urges http://ow.ly/1v0U1O

Claire V. Crooks, Katreena Scott, Wendy Ellis, David A. Wolfe (2011) Impact of a universal school-based violence prevention program on violent delinquency: Distinctive benefits for youth with maltreatment histories Child Abuse & Neglect, Volume 35, Issue 6, Pages 393-400

Articles in the May-June, 2011 Issue of Canadian Journal of Public Health
  • Canadians Continue to Consume Too Much Sodium and Not Enough Potassium
  • Neighbourhood Environmental Correlates of Perceived Park Proximity in Montreal
  • Canadian Newspaper Coverage of the A/H1N1 Vaccine Program
  • Optimizing Canadian Public Immunization Programs: A Prescription for Action

Articles in the June 2011 Issue of Canadian Family Physician
  • Development of the Champlain primary care cardiovascular disease prevention and management guideline: Tailoring evidence to community practice
Jake Murdoch, Pierre Canisius Kamanzia & Pierre Doray (2011) The influence of PISA scores, schooling and social factors on pathways to and within higher education in Canada Irish Educational Studies
Volume 30, Issue 2, 2011, pp 215-35

Suzanne F. Jackson(2011) Mainstreaming health promotion Global Health Promotion June 2011 18: 03-4

Ann C. Macaulay, Justin Jagosh, Robbyn Seller, Jim Henderson, Margaret Cargo, Trisha Greenhalgh, Geoff Wong, Jon Salsberg, Lawrence W. Green, Carol P. Herbert, and Pierre Pluye (2011) Assessing the benefits of participatory research: a rationale for a realist review Global Health Promotion June 2011 18: 49-53

Jayne R. Pivik and Hillel Goelman (2011) Evaluation of a Community-Based Participatory Research Consortium From the Perspective of Academics and Community Service Providers Focused on Child Health and Well-Being Health Educ Behav June 2011 38: 271-281

Natalie Henrich,(2011) Communicating During a Pandemic Information the Public Wants About the Disease and New Vaccines and Drugs Health Promot Pract July 2011 vol. 12 no. 4 610-619

Guy Faulkner, Cora McCloy, Ronald C. Plotnikoff, Mark S. Tremblay (2011) Relaunching a National Social Marketing Campaign: Expectations and Challenges for the “New” ParticipACTION Health Promot Pract July 2011 12: 569-576

Lisa Petermann Graham Petz (2011) The E2D2 Model: A Dynamic Approach to Cancer Prevention Interventions Health Promot Pract July 2011 12: 561-568

Articles in the June 14 Issue of Canadian Medical Association Journal
  • Changes in the rates of awareness, treatment and control of hypertension in Canada over the past two decades
  • An assessment of mumps vaccine effectiveness by dose during an outbreak in Canada
  • Tuberculosis in Nunavut: a socioeconomic tragedy
Articles in the June 2011 Issue of the Canadian Journal of School Psychology
  • Measures of Emotional Intelligence and Social Acceptability in Children: A Concurrent Validity Study
  • A C.L.E.A.R. Approach to Report Writing: A Framework for Improving the Efficacy of Psychoeducational Reports
Articles in Issue #2, 2011, the Canadian Journal of Counselling & Psychotherapy
  • Young Women’s Experiences of Resisting Invitations to Use Illicit Drugs
  • Integrating Yoga with Psychotherapy: A Complementary Treatment for Anxiety and Depression
Articles in the June/July 2011 Issue of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • CPS Position Statement: Early childhood caries in Indigenous communities. A joint statement with the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • CPS Position Statement: The sexual abuse of young people with a disability or chronic health condition
  • Homeless youth's overwhelming health burden: A review of the literature
Presentation Alberta's School Health Program http://ow.ly/1uykyg

Web Site The Canadian Blog Directory http://ow.ly/1tofvp

Web Site Association for Community Education in British Columbia http://ow.ly/1tWSWR

Web Site Healthy Schools Eastern School District & Health Unit Newfoundland http://ow.ly/1u06Wo

Web Site Safe Schools Nova Central School District Newfoundland http://ow.ly/1u075s

Web Page Inclusive Schools Nova School District Newfoundland http://ow.ly/1u07by

Web Site Healthy Schools Western School District Newfoundland http://ow.ly/1u07g1

Report Teenage pregnancy in New Brunswick (Jan -11) http://ow.ly/1u09cc Indicators Jan 2011 english.pdf

Web Site Healthy Schools New Brunswick Canada http://ow.ly/1u09hW

Policy Doc Child & Youth Strategy (Nova Scotia, Canada) http://ow.ly/1u09Cs

Policy Doc Tobacco Strategy (Nova Scotia, Canada - Apr -11) http://ow.ly/1u0aa1

Policy Doc Quebec School Action Plan for Disadvantaged Students http://ow.ly/1u0c2z

Policy Doc & Planning Guide Community Learning Centres - Englsih Version (Quebec, Canada, 2011) http://ow.ly/1u0dqe

Report The Community Learning Centre A Promising Direction for English Education in Québec http://ow.ly/1u0dA7

Report The Community Learning Centre From Values to Results: Key Issues and Challenges http://ow.ly/1u0dFJ

Planning Guide Managing Community-School Partnerships French Version http://ow.ly/1u0cQl

Policy Doc Community Schools Action Plan (Quebec, Canada) French version http://ow.ly/1u0czM

Planning Guide Community Schools - French Version (Quebec, Canada) http://ow.ly/1u0cDe

Planning Workbook Community Schools French version (Quebec-Canada) http://ow.ly/1u0cHx

Policy Doc Action plan to prevent and deal with violence in the schools (Quebec, Canada) http://ow.ly/1u0cZT

Policy Doc Healthy Eating and Active Living (Quebec, Canada) http://ow.ly/1u0dau

Web Site Sex Educator (Quebec, Canada) http://ow.ly/1u0ewJ

Policy Doc Youth Health Strategies (Quebec, Canada) http://ow.ly/1u0eFl

Policy Doc Manitoba Plan on Prevention http://ow.ly/1u0g55

Training Resources List Safe Schools Centre (BC, Canada) http://ow.ly/1tWWft

Policy Doc School Board Guide to Suspending and Expelling Students (Ontario, Canada) http://ow.ly/1tWWjQ

Policy Doc Sexual Health, Nutrition, Tobacco & new PH Act part of Nunavut 2011-14 Health Plan http://ow.ly/1u0jmH

Video Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development http://ow.ly/1u0vJc

Policy Doc Mental Health & Addictions Strategy (Ontario, Canada) http://ow.ly/1u28JY

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