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This page contains an updated collection of clippings from over 50 research journals, 40 news media, mant web sites and over 50 social networking sites around the world (This includes several journals, web sites and media outlets devoted to mental health). This information is provided on a weekly basis by the School Health Insider, a comprehensive, multi-source information service offered by the International School Health Network. Usually, there are about 50 new items each month on school mental health promotion. If you would like to access the information more frequently than that, you can follow the ISHN Twitter Newsfeed on School Mental Health from your own Twitter account.

News Stories
Reports, Planning, Education Resources and Other Tools

News Release (Oct 6-10) USA Full Service Community Schools Grants Program Award Winners

News Story (Sep 30-10) ADHD due to genes not poor parenting, says study

News Story (Sep 22-10) Cyber-bullying causes more depression, study finds

News Release (Sep 22-10) New ASCD Book Helps Stressed-Out Educators Take Ownership of Personal Wellness

News Story (Sep 9-10) Study urges mental health follow up in school shootings

News Story (Sept 2-10) Parenting skills key to improving mental health

News Story (Aug 24-10) Kids suffer from Katrina's legacy: study

Video UNICEF Child-friendly schools make a progressive leap in Cambodia

Web Site UNICEF Child Friendly Schools

News Release (Aug 17-10) UNICEF-supported child-friendly schools bring education to rural Ghana

News Story (Aug 19-10) Certain pesticides linked to attention problems in kids

News Story (Aug 12-10) Mental illness rises on campus: studies

News Story (Aug 12-10) Safe Schools (Preventing Homophobia) Improvement Act is Introduced to the U.S. Senate

News Story (Jul 29-10) N. Ireleand Education Minister Discusses Mental Health, Drugs And Alcohol Misuse With Pupils

News Story (Jul 28-10) ADHD teens more likely to drop out

News Story (June 28-10) Schools grapple with solutions to thorny cyberbullying issues

News Story (Jun 26-10) Illinois Adopts Safe Students Act to Protect LGBT Students

News Story (June 25-10) New York Senate passes enumerated school anti-bullying law

Report (2009) Effectiveness of Organizational Interventions for the Prevention of Workplace Stress (Canada)

News Story (June 15-10) Autistic Children Are Facing A Future Of Needless Mental Health Problems

News Story (June 16-10) P.E.I. (Canada) autism care strategy includes schools

News Story (June 15-10) US Schools Grapple with Growing Problem of Cyberbullying

News Story (May 28-10) States continue to mandate anti-LGBT curriculum in the classroom

News Story (May 26-10) School-Based Health Centers Receive Federal Funding Under US Health Reform Law

News Story (May 17-10) Social stigma major challenge with AIDS, says researcher who isolated virus

News Story (Apr 26-10) Tolerating Intolerance: LGBT Students Struggle for Equality

Web Site National Day of Silence to bring attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment

News Story (Apr 7-10) UK Parents 'spend more' quality time with children

News Story (Apr 12-10) Spanked children more aggressive

News Story (Apr 9-10) Bullied teen told school official about abuse one week before suicide

News Story (Mar 22-10) School Health Clinic Uses Videoconferencing in Mental Health Counselling

News Story (Mar 23-10) Mississippi Court Rules Prom Girl’s Rights Violated

News Story (Mar 23-10) Suicide of 12 year old UP girl renews debate on anti-bullying legislation in Michigan

News Story (Mar 4-10) Bullying among USA children declining: study

News Comment (Feb 22-10) Canadian Anti-bullying programs: ignored and insufficient

News Story (Feb 15-10) Lawsuit could see schools on hook for bullying

News Story (Feb 2-10) Victoria, Australia Launches Respect Ed Schools program

News Story (Feb 4-10) New ontario bully law takes effect to mixed reviews

News Story (Feb 4-10) Ghana Opens adolescent friendly Health Clinic

News Story (Feb 8-10) Utah Schools draft mental health policy

News Story (Feb 10-10) Gay, bisexual teens at risk for eating disorders

News Story (Feb 10-10) Gay teens 'terrorized' in Canada's schools

News Story (Feb 12-10) Gay teenagers more likely to think about suicide: Study

News Story (Feb 2-10) UK psychologists suggest there is a strong link between heavy internet use and depression, but others dispute..

News Story (Jan 21-10) Kids less happy as they're more plugged into TV, music, Web (Report)

News Story (Jan 19-10) Canadian Website connects teens living with cancer

News Story (Jan 15-10) Toronto Schools to foster mentoring

News Story (Jan 14-09) How to discuss disasters with your kids

News Story (Dec 23-09) Teachers Score Higher Than Other Professionals in Well-Being

News Story (Dec 8-09) New Zealand Launches $9m plan to improve behaviour in schools

News Story (Dec 2-09) How Can Schools Prevent Self-Harm Epidemics?

News Story (Nov 24-09) Mental illness costs Canada $33B annually: TD

News Release (Nov 20-09) Parent Training Complements Medication for Treating Behavioral Problems in Children (NIMH in US)

News Story (Nov 13-09) Children on antipsychotic drugs more prone to diabetes: Canadian study

News Story (Nov 02-09) Ontario Teen's suicide story aims to help other youths

Report (WHO-2009) Road accidents, suicide and maternal conditions are leading causes of death in young people

News Report (Oct 19-09) NZ Report: Gay Youth Face Serious Health Challenges

News Story (Oct 1-09) Ostracized kids' health may suffer

News Story (Oct 2-09) New research center to support young people with serious mental health conditions - Portland, OR

News Story (Sep 22-09) EU Condemns Lithuania for "Child-Friendly" Gay Information Ban

News Story (Sep 20-09) Mental health worries grow among Canadian university students

Planning Guide Mental Health Capacity Building (MHCB) for Children, Youth and Families in Schools (Alberta, 2009)

Training Manual PROMOTING MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH (Schools for Health Europe, 1995)

Web Pages Wraparound Services. Alberta Education Ministry

Planning Guide. School Mental Health Services for Immigrant Students (CHHS, 2009)

Policy Doc Analytic case studies: initiatives to increase the use of health services by adolescents (WHO, 2009)

News Release (Jan 29-10) ASCD Upcoming Whole Child Podcast: School Climate on Feb 4

Videos on the Role of School Psychologist
Video (2009) Explains Concept of Mindfulness

Collection of You Tube Videos on Classroom Management
Web Site California School Health centers Association (Includes Planning Guides and tools)

Web Site Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (USA)

Web Site. The Institute for Emotionally Intelligent Learning (USA)

Blog. Inclusive Schools. Claus von Zastrow (Learning First Alliance, USA) Edutopia

Web Blog Maurice Elias on Social & Emotional Learning

Video Presentation - Robert Blum on School Connectedness (2007)

SH-related Videos on Teacher Tube (A Collection of YouTube Videos for teachers and Classrooms)

Report Transforming School Culture with Character-Based Discipline (Character Education Partnership, USA)

Ed resource Web Site Girls Guide to Stress (Canada)

Assessment Tool: Survey of Student Engagement

E-book. The Well-Balanced Teacher (ASCD, USA)

Collection of You Tube Videos on Classroom Management
Videos on the Role of School Psychologist
Video (2009) Explains Concept of Mindfulness

Free Webinar Social and Emotional Learning: Making a Case in an NCLB WorldThursday, February 25 George Lucas Foundation

Web Site National (USA) Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention

Planning Guide. Mental Health Promotion. Dept of Health, Victoria, Australia

Web Site. Selected Articles on Child Development & Mental Health

Web Site No Name Calling Week (Preventing Teasing & Bullying)

Planning Guide SCHOOL EMPLOYEE WELLNESS A Guide (USA Directors of Health Promotion and Education)

Web Site Student Behaviour (Social-Emotional Learning) and Attendance (ESL) Programme England

Policy Doc US Draft Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act to include bullying and harassment prevention programs.

School Connectedness (From CDC)
Research has shown that young people who feel connected to their school are less likely to engage in many risk behaviors1, including Connected students are also more likely to have better academic achievement, including higher grades and test scores, have better school attendance, and stay in school longer. School Connectedness: Strategies for Increasing Protective Factors Among Youth This publication identifies six strategies that teachers, administrators, other school staff, and parents can implement to increase the extent to which students feel connected to school

A. Prevalence, Understanding the Problem and Approaches:


  • Quality of Life of Victims, Bullies, and Bully/Victims Among School-Aged Children in the Netherlands rom Advances in School Mental Health (October 2008)
  • Article. Thin adolescents: Who are they? What do they do? (Preventive Medicine, Sep, 2010)

Understanding the Problem:


  • Review (2003) Help seeking for emotional and behavioural problems in children and adolescents: a review.
  • Research Study (2007) The different stages and actors involved in the process leading to the use of mental health services.
  • Article Research Summary (2007) When and how do young people seek professional help for mental health problems?
  • Research summary (2002) [Youths who do not consult ... how to improve adolescent health care access?]
  • Article Positive and Negative Emotions Related to Seeking Help from a School Counselor from Advances in School Mental Health (October 2008)

Cultural Isolation or Oppression

  • Article Longing to belong: Social inclusion and wellbeing among youth with refugee backgrounds in the first three years in Melbourne, Australia in the October 2010 Issue #8 of Social Science & Medicine
  • Article. Social inclusion & wellbeing among refugee youth in Melbourne, Australia (Social Science & Medicine, Oct, 2010)
  • Article Ethnicity, self-concept, and school belonging: effects on school engagement
  • Article From Racial Discrimination to Substance Use (Child Dev Perspectives, Aug-10)

Gender/Sexual Orientation

  • Article. Do gender differences in mental health contribute to physical health? (Social Science & Medicine, Oct 2010)
  • Article. Sex Differences in Attachment Emerge in Middle Childhood (Child Dev Perspectives, Aug-10)

Social Isolation/Loneliness


Interactions with Chronic Diseases & Conditions

  • Article Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms in Young Adults with Spina Bifida (J of Pediatric Psych, Aug-10)

Interactions with Transitions, Ages & Stages of Development

  • Article Inadequate Sleep, Psychopathology, and Shared Risk Factors in Ontario Children (J of Pediatric Psych, Aug-10)
  • Article mental health and behavioural problems of early menarche (Soc Sci & Med, Aug-10)
Interactions with Life Events

  • Article Disasters and Their Impact on Child Development (Child Dev, Aug-10)
  • Article Disasters, Victimization, and Children’s Mental Health (Child Dev, Aug-10)

Interactions with other Behaviour Problems

  • Article preschool children's emotional eating: & parent feeding habits (Am J of Clinical Nutrition, Aug-10)
  • Article Substance use and common child mental health problems in Britain (Addiction, Aug-10)

Theories & Approaches

  • Creating Shared Mental Models for Evidence Based Mental Health Promotion in Schools From July 2009 Issue of Advances in School Mental Health
  • Article. Self-efficacy, perceived control on intention re skin cancer prevention (Health Education Research, Oct, 2010)
  • Article Cognitive Behavioral Theories Explain Injection Risk Behavior: A Review (Health Ed & Behaviour, Aug, 2010)
  • Article Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety and Depression: Beyond Heritability (Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Aug-10)
  • Article Attachment and Life History Theory (Child Dev Perspectives, Aug-10)
  • Article Evolving Attachment Theory (Child Dev Perspectives, Aug-10)
  • Article Seasonality in suicide--a review and search of new concepts (Soc Sci & Med, Aug-10)
B. Impact, Role of the School on the Problem

  • Article. The influence of school-based natural mentoring on school attachment (Health Ed Research, Oct, 2010)
  • Article The reasons for and the impact of principal-on-teacher bullying
  • Article. School Environment and the Mental Health of Dutch Sexual Minority Youths (American Journal of PH, Sep, 2010)

C. Effects of Comprehensive Approaches
, Coordinated Programs and Services Whole School Strategies

On Overall Health or Mental Health

  • Article Classroom behavior problems in schools with school-wide character ed (Psychology in Schools, Sep, 2010)

On Different Aspects of Mental Health

  • Persistently Dangerous Communities and Schools in the United States: How Might School Mental Health Help? from Advances in School Mental Health (October 2008)
  • Article. Faces of Autism (Educational Leadership, Oct, 2010)
  • Article. Responding to a Student's Depression Educational Leadership (Oct, 2010)
  • Article. Evaluation of Peer Suicide Prevention Program (American Journal of PH, Sep, 2010)
  • Article Diabetes & School Psychologists Role. (Interventions in School/Clinic, Sep, 2010)

D. Effects of Individual Evidence-based Interventions


  • Responding to a Student's Depression in the October 2009 Issue of Educational Leadership
  • Article The Why Behind RTI (Educational Leadership, Oct 2010)
  • Article. The Role of School Health Centers in Access & Outcomes (American Journal of Public Health, Sep, 2010)
  • Article. Impact of School-Based Health Centers on the Health of Students (American Journal of Public Health, Sep, 2010)
  • Article. School-Based Screening for Suicide Risk: Balancing Costs and Benefits (American Journal of PH, Sep, 2010)
  • Article Implications of the classification functioning, disability and health for tests use (School Psychology, Aug-10)

  • Article Evaluation of social/emotional skills in Portuguese elementary school children (HP International, Sep, 2010)

Social Support

  • The influence of school-based natural mentoring relationships on school attachment and subsequent adolescent risk behaviors October 2010 Issue of Health Education Research
  • Article. Intervention re body image, eating disorders health & PE teachers (Health Ed Research, Oct, 2010)
  • Article. Identifying Barriers That Hinder Onsite Parental Involvement in School Health Promotion (HP Practice, Sep, 2010)

Physical Environment

E. Implementation and Sustainability

  • Implementing multi-level programmes and approaches that address student well-being and connectedness: factoring in the needs of the schools Advances in School Mental Health (October 2008)
Capacity Building

  • Developing a Comprehensive Curriculum Framework for Teacher Preparation in Expanded School Mental Health Advances in School Mental Health (October 2008)
  • Unpacking Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Expanded School Mental Health: A Conceptual Model for Developing the Evidence-Base July 2009 Issue of Advances in School Mental Health
  • Supervising counsellors and psychotherapists who work with trauma: a Delphi study Issue #4 of the British Journal of Guidance & Counseling
  • The Mental Health Capacity Building (MHCB) for Children, Youth and Families in Schools is a unique initiative in that mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention services are integrated intoand provided in a school-based setting. There are currently thirty-one project sites implementedacross Alberta with plans for an additional nine sites in the upcoming school year.
  • Article The process of teacher education for inclusion: the Maltese experience (J of Spec Ed Needs, Aug-10)
  • Article School–university partnership in teacher education for inclusive education
  • Article development needs of teachers of spec ed/inclusion in Irish schools (J of Research in Spec Needs, Aug-10)
  • Article. Preparing Latvian teachers for inclusion (J of Research in Spec Needs, Aug-10)
  • Article. Teacher Ed for implementing quality inclusive education in Hong Kong (J of Research in Spec Needs, Aug-10)
  • Article Developing inclusive primary school teacher education in a Finland (J of Research in Spec Needs, Aug-10)
  • Article. Preparing teachers for inclusive education in Netherlands (J of research in Spec Needs, Aug-10)

Sustainability/Systems Change

  • Article. Nature, Meaning, and Measure of Teacher Flow in Elementary Schools (Ed Admin Quarterly, Aug, 2010)
  • Article Model for Predicting the Presence of School Psychology Programs (School Psychology, Aug, 2010)
F Consideration of Local Community or Country Contexts

  • Article. Cumulative risk on well-being in first grade: neighborhood context
  • Article. School-Based Health Centers: Cost–Benefits Impact on Disparities (American Journal of PH, Sep, 2010)
  • Article Mental health promotion of South African Children (HP International, Sep, 2010)
  • Review Poverty and common mental disorders in low and middle income countries (Soc Sci & Med, Aug-10)

Consideration of and Integration within the Constraints and Educational Mandate of the School

H Questions related to Future and Current Research

  • Non-Public Special Education Programs: Evaluating the Costs of Within School Alternatives for Students with Emotional Disturbance From July 2009 Issue of Advances in School Mental Health
  • Article. Reductions in Medicaid Costs using School Health Centers (American Journal of Public Health, Sep, 2010)

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