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The New Mentality -- Ready...Set...Engage! How to create a dynamic and sustainable network to raise awareness of child and youth mental health issues and reduce the stigma associated with them
Presenters:Erin Smith, Youth Engagement Coordinator, The Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO andNancy Pereira, Communications and Events Coordinator, The New Mentality (Joint Program of Children's Mental Health Ontario and The Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO).
Description: The question of “why” engage youth is easily understood in relation to “how”. In this webinar, participants will be introduced to the principles of youth engagement and learn effective strategies for getting youth engaged and keeping them interested. In addition, you will learn about The New Mentality project and the process that was taken to create a provincial network of youth. Effective strategies and lessons learned by the team will be discussed in an attempt to assist other professionals in starting their own youth engagement initiatives.
Contact information:
Erin Smith:ersmith@cheo.on.ca
Nancy Pereira:nancy@cmho.org

Questions for Presenters:

The following are some questions which were asked of our presenters:

Question 1: A question for Nancy and Erin - what type of incentives do you use with youth?
During the Pilot Phase of The New Mentality, youth leaders (2 in each community) were paid an honorarium of $700 for their commitment. As well they attended youth retreats and provincial mental health conferences free of charge. These were designed to enhance their leadership skills and showcase their hard work.

Question 2: Where are the 7 regions you mentioned located?
There were actually eight communities that completed public awareness initiatives, however only seven were included in the evaluation because one got started towrads the end of the Pilot Phase. Nevertheless, these communities included: London, Burlington, Hamilton, Toronto, Barrie, Thunder Bay, Kingston and Ottawa. For further information about these projects please visitwww.thenewmentality.ca

Question 3: How many of the youth participants had previously accessed the mental health system?
We do not have an exact number of consumers or former consumers because we didn't ask youth to disclose whether or not they had accessed service when applying to be part of the project.

Question 4: Did any schools get involved?
No. For the pilot phase we focused on partnering youth with community agencies. We recognize the need to do outreach in schools in the future, but are still brainstorming what that might look like.

Question 5: When you refer to the mental health system, are you also referring to addiction services? Do the youth identify drug use issues what they would like to address in some way?
Some CYMH agencies do have addiction services. One of the young ladies we workd with did identify wanting to address addictions in her public awareness initiative. Unfortunately, this group had to withdraw from the pilot early-on so the project never came to be.

Question 6: On adverage, how many youth were involved in each region?
On average there was about 6 group members actively engaged in each region in the planning, development and implementation of these projects.

Question 7: Is the Barrie region group still active?
Yes, currently they are operating out of New Path Youth and Family Services, Cookstown Residential Program.

Question 8.The last question asked was "How should we start???
Use the "Making It Happen" five-step model and begin with Step 1 "Analyze your current position".
Look for opportunities for youth to become involved with your program. Ask yourself what role(s) you envision youth taking on. Each step of the model is explained in detail in the report "Ready..Set...Engage!" which is available for free download onwww.thenewmentality.ca
In addition, The New Mentality hosts monthly teleconferences (on the first Monday of every month). Each teleconference call touches on one of the five steps of the model. If you are interested in becoming part of this Community of Practice, and learning about the stesp from the TNM staff, as well as professionals who are actively doing this in the field, please e-mail Nancy Pereiranancy@cmho.orgwho will link you with this opportunity.

Recommended Resources:

Our presenters recommend the following on-line resources:

www.onthepoint.ca:The Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO, along with other leaders, working towards an integrated system that truly meets the mental health care needs of children, youth and their parents and caregivers

www.kidsmentalhealth.ca:Children's Mental Health Ontario(CMHO) works to improve the mental health and well-being of children and youth and their families

The New Mentalityis a network of people ages 13 to 25 who are engaged as partners in addressing the many systemic issues associated with child and youth mental health in Ontario. Youth are directly affected and should be listened to issues being addressed include the availability of services, the effectiveness of services being provided, and the suitability of the method/style of service delivery for youth as consumers.

www.daretodreamprogram.caThe Dare to Dream Programprovides an opportunity for Ontario youth (18 years of age and under) to get involved in mental health awareness activities. Successful applicants are awarded up to $1000 (for individuals) and $5000 (for groups) to do a project that promotes mental health awareness.


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Brochure on The New Mentality
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Self Assessment Tool for working with young people
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Information for working with Young People
Recording:Please cllick on the link below to access the archived recording of this Webinar

The New Mentality: Reducing Mental Health Stigma through Youth Engagement

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